Diaspora by Jill Pemberton

We’re thrilled to have returned to Kendal’s Brewery Arts Centre with a new group exhibition of exciting and eclectic art.  ‘Fusion’, with work from 50 Green Door artists, includes ceramics, glass, mixed media, painting. photography, printmaking and textiles.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find a gallery of photographs from the private view.

Jill Pemberton’s painting ‘Diaspora’ is inspired by the desperation of losing home, family and a sense of one’s place. Clinging onto a familiar historically charged object like a prayer mat, rolled under the arm with the threads dangling off the edges like the fine root tentacles anchoring to the past.

Winter Tapestry III by Marie Wright

“It’s a powerful image,” said Jill. “I am constructing my painting like a carpet; lines and marks woven over and through warp and weft. The bright colours ordered; shapes defined, meaning displayed. Then unravelled, tangled – the pathways confused, edges frayed.  The process begins with order- coloured inks pulled through silk and laid flat. Then the blurring begins. The chaos dominates. It’s all there. But rearranged into a new order.”

Marie Wright’s Winter Tapestry series, melds together the field boundaries of Cumbria and a   tapestry of colour and pattern influenced by the richness of an oriental carpet to create a texture that hints at the layers of change within the landscape. She uses a variety of printmaking techniques to create individual pieces embedded in her surroundings near Morecambe Bay.

Synthesize by Jenny Drinkwater

Jenny Drinkwater Catherall’s work is inspired by the National Trust site ‘Sandscale Haws’ near Barrow.

“As a popular beach with views to the Lake District mountains and its industrial counterpart, Sandscale Haws is a man-made location showing how landscapes are both constructed and manufactured,” said Jenny.  “Since 2014 I’ve built a body of work that considers the fragility of our environments, looking at the bond between urban development and natural landscapes. Raising awareness of the human impact on the landscape and how an unspoilt and untouched nature no longer exists.”

Chrysalis Seed Bud by Ann Marie Foster

“My compositions are anchored in exploration of the organic features found in nature: plant structures, texture and surface markings,” said printmaker Ann Marie Foster.  “My focus shifts between the microscopic, such as the fragile architecture of a decaying leaf, to the expansive markings of landscape as in the scarred furrows exposed by estuary tides. My impressions are translated onto the paper’s surface through a combination of painterly printmaking processes: monotype, monoprint, collagraph and drypoint. I invite the viewer to investigate the fusion of colour, imagery and texture and discover a personal connection that resonates with their own thoughts and emotions.”

Glen Nevis in Cloud by Eileen Gledhill

“With low cloud, mist or fog there can be a visual fusion between the land and the sky,” said Eileen Gledhill of the two oil paintings she’s exhibiting.  “Clouds dissipate or mist falls, and the view is transformed. Hills seem to appear or disappear as you watch. Land becomes translucent, the sky becomes a solid, and all things become transient.”

Subtle Energies by Delcia McNeil

Delcia McNeil’s mixed media piece ‘Subtle Energies’ is an attempt to express what she feels with her hands when she does energy healing work on the body and within the human energy field that surrounds it.  She experiences this as a fusion of subtle electrical currents which have textures, movement and colours.

Brewery Arts Centre, 122A Highgate, Kendal, LA9 4HE
8 June – 21 July 2018

Please check opening times at breweryarts.co.uk