15 February – 14 April 2017

“Home Bird” by John Davenport

“Inside Outside” is a major new group exhibition by Green Door members in the basement gallery at Kendal Museum.  It includes a wide range of two and three dimensional work with textiles, ceramics, wood and glass alongside the more traditional paintings, prints, drawings and photographs.

“Concerto” by Evelyn Sinclair

“I’m really excited about my latest series of drawings based on musicians,” said Kendal artist Evelyn Sinclair.  “As the musician plays for me, I’m watching for those intense moments when they seem to lose themselves in the music.  On the outside we can enjoy their wonderful performance, while on the inside it looks as though the musician has gone to another plane – it’s almost like a meditation. Plus the clean, contemporary gallery space downstairs at Kendal Museum is a brilliant venue in which to show them.”

“Outer Reaches” by Sue David

Printmaker Sue David is exhibiting two monotypes which have a very close relationship to each other, as both are created from the same plate. ’Outer Reaches’ was made first, by overprinting several layers of colour to create a remote remembered landscape.  The underlying inks remaining on the plate unexpectedly formed ‘Innermost’.

“Tour de France Yorkshire” by Kath Lockhart

Kath Lockhart was inspired by the Tour de France and says “The Tour de France had just passed through Hawes in North Yorkshire and my son was staying with quite a large group of equally keen cyclist friends. They had watched the tour go through the town, rushed back, on bikes, to see the rest of it on TV. This image expresses their involvement both inside and outside.”

“Palace of Dreams” by Barbra Cropper

“I love the archways, the reflections in the water, the tiles and patterning on the walls,” says  Barbra Cropper.   “An etching imposed on the monoprint leads the eye from the outside courtyard to inside the palace.”

Exhibiting artists include Ruth Attwood, Gordon Baddeley, Roger Bell, Averyl Bradbrook, Charlie Brown, Wendy Brown,  Debbie Copley, Barbra Cropper, John Davenport, Sue David, Joyce Eldred, Ann Marie Foster, Eileen Gledhill, Lynda Gray, Ray Green, Mike Healey, Cheryl Hitchcock, Marion Kuit, Cally Lawson, Richard Light, Kath Lockhart, Emma Lowe, Liz Lyon, Delcia McNeil, Angie Mitchell, Fiona Reeves, Ana Sequeira, Elizabeth Shorrock, Evelyn Sinclair, Elizabeth Tracey, Steve Trevillion, Sonja Ingrid Vietoris, Rosie Wates, Simon Whalley, Brie Wharf, Clare Whistler, Andy Wild, Margaret Wilmot, Frances Winder and Maddy Wright.

Green Door are artists in residence at Kendal Museum.  For opening hours see www.kendalmuseum.org.uk.

Images from the Exhibition at Kendal Museum

“Inside Outside”