Affordable Art Weekend at Staveley Roundhouse

After an enforced break in 2020, we’re delighted to be returning to Staveley Roundhouse from 19–21 November for our Affordable Art weekend. The event prides itself on presenting great art at affordable prices with a wide array of contemporary artworks to suit every taste – all priced at £150 or less. The Roundhouse will be overflowing with jewellery, textiles, books, mugs, calendars, notebooks and greetings cards as well as paintings, prints and ceramics.  The weekend is the perfect time to make an early start on your Christmas shopping or to treat yourself something special.

“A visit to Westray in Orkney inspired these paintings,” said Eileen Gledhill.  “We explored the beaches and watched puffins at sunset on this truly extraordinary island. I hope these paintings convey the beauty and excitement of time spent in this magical place.”

Delcia McNeill’s abstract artwork is focussed on the visceral effects of colour, primarily to soothe and lift our spirits. Recently she has been creating images on ceramic tiles using inks.  These are then protected and sealed to make them moisture proof.

“Possibly inspired by my museum background, I’m inspired by the things we collect and want around us and what these  say about us’” said mixed media artist and feltmaker Cherrie Trelogan. “What is on the surface and what stories, memories and feelings are contained within them. Our ‘shelfies’  and the vessels they include may contain easily readable stories or some that are more private and hidden. We too are human vessels and I’m also interested in the things we inherit and pass on to future generations, be they genetic, objects or memories and stories.”

Our Affordable Art weekend is one of the most enjoyable weekends in our calendar and gives us the opportunity to show the full range of our members’ work under one roof.  You can find an exclusive art work from a local artist or stock up on greetings cards – there’s something for everyone.  The Roundhouse is just that and visitors will be surrounded by art!  We hope to see you there – Staveley is a lovely village too and a great place for a day out.

Staveley Roundhouse, Main Street, Staveley, LA8 9LU (just off the A591 to Windermere).

Participating artists include: Tina Allonby, Jacqui Bassett, Barbra Cropper, Claire Darcy, Ann Dunnington, Rachel Eaves, Joyce Eldred, Robert Finch, Eileen Gledhill, Ray Green, Judith Horsley, Ciara Heaton, Cally Lawson, Jess Levine, Kath Lockhart, Delcia McNeil, Angie Mitchell, Marjorie Park, Fiona Reeves, Scott Reynolds, Christine Rooney, Sue Rowland, Roger Salmon, Mary Sanders, Dave Sharps, Keith Shorrock, Elizabeth Shorrock, Gilli Slater, Mary Taylor, Liz  Tracey, Cherrie Trelogan, Geraldine Walkington, Frances Winder and Maddy Wright.

Fri 19 Nov: 10.00 – 4.30
Sat 20 Nov: 10.00 – 4.30
Sun 21 Nov: 10.00 – 4.00

Although there are currently no legal restrictions with regard to Covid-19, we want everyone  to have the best experience possible.  Wear masks if you feel comfortable to do so, use the hand sanitiser provided and respect personal distance. Please avoid crowding fellow visitors or our volunteers.

Affordable Art Weekend at Staveley Roundhouse