24 May – 30 September 2017


“Temptation” by Brie Wharf

“Outline”, is our new group exhibition at Kendal Museum.  Opening on 24 May, the exhibition includes drawings, mixed media, paintings, papercuts, prints, wire sculptures and textiles.

“Jellyfish in Seaweeds” by Elie Chaney

Ellie Chaney is fascinated by the diversity and complexity of forms found in nature, and recently her work has focused on making papercut images of aquatic animals. Starting with a piece of paper she carefully draws with a surgical scalpel, slowly revealing the image. This medium is well suited to creating images of jellyfish and deep sea creatures, with their translucent forms often only outlined by a delicate external structure.

“At the Bar” by Kath Lockhart

“The pub is an ideal place to observe people; sitting alone, in groups, interacting or simply side by side,” says printmaker Kath Lockhart who has two linocuts in the exhibition.  “No-one takes any notice of the lady in the corner scribbling away. However, the drawings have to be done quickly as those people, so willingly and unknowingly, providing the dynamic for my pleasure, can, and do, get up and walk away without warning. There is only time for ‘Outline.’”

“Rydal Water” by Pat Smith

Exhibiting artists include: Roger Bell, Averyl Bradbrook, Ellie Chaney, Barbra Cropper, Joyce Eldred, Ann Marie Foster, Eileen Gledhill, Ray Green, Mike Healey, Cheryl Hitchcock, Kath Lockhart, Emma Lowe, Liz Lyon, Sam Mould, Marjorie Park, Fiona Reeves, Elizabeth Shorrock, Pat Smith, Elizabeth Tracey, Sonja Ingrid Vietoris, Brie Wharf and Maddy Wright.

Green Door are artists in residence at Kendal Museum.  The Museum is open Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday 10am to 4pm.  The last entrance to the Museum is at 3.30 pm.