‘Look at it This Way’ is a collection of recent collages combining paint, pencil and photographic fragments from Steve Trevillion at Indie Craft Beer, 32 Finkle Street, Kendal from 1 March to 22 April.  The exhibition focuses on the way that the mundane and commonplace items that surround us can be transformed into meditations on everything from comic adventures to dreams and death.

Steve believes that collage can be a way of exploring the point at which the old has almost disappeared and the new has yet to fully materialise. ‘Look at it This Way’ is an invitation to journey into a universe that is simultaneously fragmenting and recreating itself.

This show is all about tearing up, sticking down and transforming one thing into another. Steve often starts with a photo of some of the most ordinary things in his house, such as  neglected corners, pots and pans or overflowing waste paper baskets. Once these photos have been torn, creased or otherwise aged they are ready to be turned into artworks.

In the last two years Steve has exhibited at the Merz Barn near Ambleside, Kendal Museum, the Storey Gallery in Lancaster and Farfield Mill in Sedbergh.

‘Look at it This Way’